Basic Life / Snakes

by Dolphin

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released July 7, 2016

Written, Produced, Recorded, Mixed, & All Instruments by Dolphin

Artwork by Nate James & Tawfiq Mardini
Creative Director: Kenny / Fresh Selects

FSX-014 © 2016 Fresh Selects.


all rights reserved



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Track Name: Basic Life
About love
About trust
About us

About love
About lust
About us

What is it good for, if you only look for
that which you came to see?
What piece of mind will you ever find
that wiser men haven't already seen?

Lips move, she hears nothing
Silence floods the air
When it's cool, we'll fear nothing
Together they both stare
at the stars above

She said,
all you want is to fall in love
Basic life,
Basic life
Relationships take and give
Change my life
She said
All you want
Fall in love, basic life
Relationships take and give

Truth of the truth is, you're more elusive,
that's what she said to me
More than the moon did, more than Neptune did,
With all things, timing's always the key, you'll see
Esoteric, and maybe heaven-sent,
All truth will come to the light, eventually
if relevant,
if for the hell of it,
How do you guess you and I,
you and me,
will survive
in a world of changing constellations?
And those are painful observations,
but it doesn't mean that it has to be

The sun and moon is whispering

Basic life
Relationships changed my life
Sun and moon are saying
Fall in love
Basic life
Venus and the stars are saying
take and give
Fall in love...
Fall in love
Fall in love
Track Name: Snakes
To first protect the circle,
must learn to protect the square
We never need to make a triangle,
unless it's for a meditation or prayer

So, I'm not trying to change you
I love the way you think
But when they whisper in your ear,
try to stay away from snakes

Some people try to move sideways,
some only after hours
Some hide inside of your garden
between the roses and the flowers
I'm saying, when you see a star fall, crash, and burn,
you hoped that other people will learn
When you've been there, done that,
you know how it works, it's not a good thing

I'm not trying to change you, you're a queen
I love the way you think
When people whisper in your ear
It's not a good thing, try to stay away from snakes

I'm not trying to change you,
I love the way you think
But when people whisper in your ear,
It's not a good thing
Try to stay away from snakes

I'm not trying to change you,
I'm just trying to elevate
I may love you more than you think
I'm just trying to keep us away from snakes

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