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Windbreaker XL

by Milc & Andy Savoie

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Turn Pike 03:00
We gonna get it… I’m running laps around this bih… C’mon, man – look… yo… On another plane, another train, I’m trying to get it Wearing my brother’s name, conductor check my ticket A lot of them spit it, but don’t get this specific Pre-determined – writing’s on the wall like hieroglyphics Wrong era, should have been in cyphers at can jams Still can’t leave the city and be another transplant Stressed – doc talking ‘bout a cornea transplant No healthcare… that’s a lot of units on Bandcamp Me and twin was on this shit like a decade ago Second time around, the type of heart no x-ray could show X-rated flow, they waiting on Leché to blow I’m still trying to figure out what’s the best way to go It’s Blanco – young' sweep the street up 'til the road glistening Dawg, I flow like I know that Hov’s listening I walk past the oven and hear the stove flickering The glow different, they soul missing, it’s so sickening They say ‘what happened to a dream differed?’ It turns into a nightmare – dawg, I seem disturbed Anything to make sure them feelings don’t re-emerge Couldn’t write a verse, I had to fight them demons first Brilly and Dust pulled me out of it, Can’t believe for a second I ever doubted this Thought my ceiling was low like ‘Being John Malkovich’ ‘Full Metal Jacket’ to ‘Fullmetal’ alchemy Seen it from a bird’s eye, never a third eye That’s word to Vinnie, every pick-up was “Curbside” Putting it all in one pot, like a stir fry This city’s mine – every turn off every turn pike
John Candy 02:45
Blue Faces 02:00
Motocross 02:30
Wolf Side, Load B Gang, look… Camo fatigues, smell like dog water and ‘Port smoke Hopping off the porch for Lo Sport and more dough At a fork in the road, the flow will be immortal Young bol got arms sticking out the torso like Goro My wolves eat every morsel, they all resourceful See the dots and then a dash, it’s like Morse code Heavy up the course load, bitch bored, sipping Bordeaux I board the plane reading Bourdain It’s been foretold how I’ma get it Like my beats with the vinyl crackling This shit bound to get ugly like diamond trafficking My cockeye on a million, top 5 how I’m feeling We sipping Cliquot and eating Popeyes with the villains Take it back to Saigon Kitchen, North East to Zion Fast forward let bygones be bygones On these corners, we sipped 40s and got high on, I’ll die and someone will paint my ugly mug in Krylon Don’t cry over spilt Milc, these bars will remain They’ll reminisce how I went hard in the paint Brilly telling my wifey not to cry, he’ll be drunk with Dust Don’t bring no drama to the service, they gon fuck you up X got crocodile tears, with gators on After the funeral, they’ll party till the break of dawn Six wolves will carry me, on Fremont they’ll bury me They’ll tell stories how I beat the devil daringly Make sure they get my casket and they hit my bald fade right Pour a gallon of Hennessy on my grave site Life’s a marathon, sometimes it feel like a cage fight I was built for bright lights, never got no stage fright A bunch of old plugs and mistresses in attendance My ugly children will carry on my resemblance Hopefully at the very least, I’ll be remembered and loved In memory of… Blanco


The official debut duo project from rapper Milc and producer Andy Savoie.

One of Portland’s most brazenly true-to-life lyricists teams up with the multi-talented Portland-raised, Seattle-based producer/musician – both dead-set on the explicit mission of creating a Pacific NW classic. Joining the cause are Portland’s own Soop Dread & Farnell Newton, with Seattle’s Greg Cypher, La, Chima The Stubborn, C'est La and Elan Wright, plus the Big Homie of the group – West Coast all-star, L.A. representative, Blu.

Originally a 8 track long EP, 'Windbreaker XL' now expands the project to a full-length album, with 5 all new tracks pulled from the original album sessions.


released July 21, 2022

Raps by Milc, except where noted

Produced by Andy Savoie
Additional Production on "Turn Pike" by Elan Wright

Trumpet on "Citgo" by Farnell Newton
Bass on "Stackhouse" by Elan Wright

Recorded & Mixed by Elan Wright at Ruby Room Recordings – Seattle, WA

Mastered by Patrick Brown at Different Fur Studios

Artwork & Design by Tawfiq Mardini
Cover Photo by CeeBee

Executive Producer: Kenny / Fresh Selects

Tracks #1-8 originally released on March 4th, 2022 as 'Windbreaker' (FSX-052)

FSX-052-XL © 2022 Fresh Selects. This shit is so hard we had to drop a deluxe.


all rights reserved



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